What we do

We tour

Take a look under a specific country’s flag to see the work we’re doing there. The total number of children that have been directly introduced to netball by being part of one of our seven tours is now over 5000 and we have a 30 strong group of young leaders that continue the programme the year around in both countries. Children are now benefiting from a new sport, having fun and the health and lifestyle benefits that come with it.

A typical NDT tour is two weeks long. During the week we coach as many children as we physically can! We work with both boys and girls together, most of whom have not had any prior experience of playing netball and are usually about 10-16 years old.
During the week we look for those children who will be strong enough to represent their school, and by Friday we have selected 10 players – 5 boys and 5 girls – from each school to play in the tournament. Tournament day is much anticipated by all participants (and coaches!) and is an event not to be missed! Those children not selected come along with their friends, banners and drums and cheer (very loudly!) for their school!

Simultaneously we are running a ‘Train the Trainers’. This is where we work with those who are able to dedicate time in-country to continue the legacy and carry the programme forward – school teachers, sports coaches, secondary school students and netball players. We work with them on their coaching and umpiring skills and the administration of a tournament so that they can deliver the programme year around, once we’ve gone back home.

We fundraise

As with any charity we really need your support. There is so much more we could do with a little extra funding. We would love for our NDT representative in Uganda to be able to travel to the 2 main towns we work in to encourage and guide the committees there. We would love to have permanent courts marked in all the countries we work in, albeit with oil and basic provisions. We would love to offer new tshirts, bibs and balls to each school we work with.

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We collect kit

Until we develop local seamstresses to help us to make kit, we want to take out as much as possible so that each school has a basic level of kit and equipment. They need balls, bibs and ideally team kits so they can feel an identity and pride for their school when they play in tournaments and matches. Many of our children play in school uniform and bare feet. They don’t have changing rooms, PE kit and spare everything like many of us do, so we want to help them feel proud of their netball.

You can get involved

You can help us reach more children and really make a difference in so many ways.

Join us on a tour

Currently to Uganda and India each year but very soon we’ll expand and offer tours to Pakistan and Kenya. What a way to pass a few weeks !


Do you have a club or league charity of the year?
Donate personally – see the easy “make a donation” on the home page
Sell our wristies and other merchandise
Promote us in your area/school/club/university/work…or come help us at a big netball event

Donate kit and equipment

Donate netball kit and equipment. Help us source new kit, equipment and merchandise. Do you know someone who can help?

Sponsor us

We are happy to discuss …options including online advertising and your logo on kit and equipment as well as event promotion.
We’re always looking for support in terms of logistics, air tickets…


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